Sunday, June 8, 2008

Good Bye Brown Sky

So I left Gurgaon a week ago, wont be moving there for a while now, except for the brief review presentation. One of my bosses told me that all roads eventually lead to Gurgaon and Mumbai with as far as marketing jobs are concerned. Operative word being eventually. Before that one has to cover Jaipur, Dausa, Jhunjhunu, Pilani, Ganganagar, Hanumangarh, Jodhopur, Mumbai, Indore, Ujjain, Dewas, Aurangabad, Ahemdnagar, etc ( and many more to come ). But that is probably the good thing about it.

Coming back to Gurgaon, I don’t miss the place very much. However, there are certain aspects of Gurgaon I really miss, such as
1. Friendly neighbourhood bull
2. The house we stayed in and the pigeons who chose our water tank as burial grounds a couple of times.

3.The priced possessions of the house - > the TV – so that we could spend quality time fighting for channels till IPL starts, and the refrigerator – so that we can spend a Sunday shopping at Reliance Retail buying food, and spend the next Saturday promptly emptying the contents of the fridge because we don’t remember what was bought when.

4. My room -> which has not changed much from the XL room, consisting of a makeshift bed, make shift laundry bag, speakers and the indispensible 500 gb hard disk, with 350 gb of movies, 50 or so gb of sitcoms, another 60 or so gb of music and another 40 or so gb of what makes it indispensable

5..The not so friendly neighbourhood Aunty who keeps staring at our balcony hoping to catch and beat the wisecrack who flung the tubelight in her general direction. I don’t think to this day she realizes that it was a tubelight – the look on her face suggested that it was a mini bomb. But being the wisecrack in question, I know better.

6. So on, and so forth.


I had tried to write a blog on the lines of “No place or time can be the same ever again, so nascent, I wish I could remember if there are any more women I proposed to while I was drunk…”, The Memory Remains, etc – as intensely put by the wise kallarful intellectual of our time, but this is what it ended up as.