Wednesday, May 7, 2008


On a slightly more philosophical note, I was thinking yesterday that Milton must have been really addicted to board games - Pair-o-dice Lost and Pair-o-dice Regained were the defining moments of his life..


SuperMus said...

When Shrik told me about your blog, I refused to believe him, stating that you're too lazy to write... I'm fortunately wrong! Wonderful writing! A pleasure to read.. Don't stop!!

Jonas said...

hehe...i sense the possibility of something good here...keep on!

sat said...

glad u started something to read when bored and laugh :D

OVL said...

or perhaps addicted to casinos! They have more dice there! :)

Minu said...

so the marketing boy's been marketing his blog, eh?!?!
haven't had the time to read. but i will, for sure. just to let you know... i linked your blog on mine!
was ncie talking to you today. brief it was. but something it was.
later goopie!